Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising – AT & T Intellectual Property

Patent Licensing & Sales Support Summer and Fall 2016 Internship

Application deadline: May 11, 2016 by 5:00 p.m. 

Internship Description     (URL for attachment:

AT&T Intellectual Property is responsible for the protection, valuation, and monetization of all intellectual property within AT&T.

The internship provides a qualified candidate the opportunity to assist AT & T Patent Developers with mining AT & T’s vast portfolio of patents and aligning identified patents with various products and services in support of patent monetization efforts, whether using patent sales or licensing channels.

Skills Gained Through Internship

Theselected internwill, among other things, gain or enhancehis/herfamiliarity with patentsby, for example, readingand analyzing thespecifications and claims ofissued patents and pendingpatent applications, prosecution history file wrappers on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, andrelatedinformation.

Location of Internship

675 W. Peachtree Street,NW


Atlanta, GA 30308


  • current undergraduate at Georgia Tech
  • technical background in computer science, electrical engineering or related discipline
  • 0or higher cumulative G.P.A.when applying
  • be in current good academic standing

Ideal Skill Set

  • knowledge of cloud computing
  • knowledge of software defined networks and underlying physical networks
  • knowledge of technologies related to the above

Schedule, Audit Credit Hours, and Pay Rate

The internship will beduring two semesters.  Each semester has a different time commitment.

Summer 2016 (May 16 – August 6, 2016)

  • 40 hours/week, Monday – Friday
  • The intern and his/her supervisor(s) at AT&T will determine thespecific schedule.

Fall 2016 (August 22 – December 17, 2016)

  • 20 – 30 hours/week, Monday – Friday
  • The number of hours for the fall internship is dependent upon the intern’s availability.
  • The intern and his/her supervisor(s) at AT&T will determine the specific schedule.
  • 20- 29hours per week internship qualifiesfor six audit credit hours
  • 30 hours per week internship qualifiesfor nine audit credit hours

Hourly rate per semester: $26.13

Overtime is not provided.

Financial support for the intern isprovided byAT&T Intellectual Property.

Internship credit hours

This internship is a partnershipbetweenAT&T Intellectual Propertyand the Georgia Tech Center for Career Discovery and Development (C2D2) and qualifies forauditcredit hours (no tuition or fees) and official transcript designationonly if officially registered through C2D2.  The audit credit hours serve as academic credit hour placeholders towards full-time status, and interns onlyhave to register forthe additional number inacademic credit hours to achieve full-time student status (12 credit hours)as long as the internship is officially registeredfor each semester.*  For example, an internship of sixregisteredaudit credit hours + sixregisteredacademic credit hours = full-time student status.

* Failure to register separately for summer and fall semester will result in the loss of the audit credit hour benefit for that particular semester. Phase 1 summer and fall registration ends May 20, 2016. Phase 2Fallsemesterregistrationis August 13 – 26, 2016.

Financial Aidand Graduation Goals

The internship will require 20– 40hours per weekdepending on the semesterand may limit or precludethe internfrom taking courses for academic credit.  Applicants are responsible for consulting with their financial aid advisors (if applicable) to ensure participation in an internship with audit credit hoursis permissible.  Applicants are also responsible for consulting with their academic advisors before applying to ensure that the internship will not hindergraduation goals.

Students may have summer course options available through the SummerOnline Undergraduate Program (SOUP). Similar to Tech courses taught on campus, online courses are semester-based, and perfect for Georgia Tech students who will be working at an internship, co-op, or unable to be on campus during the summer.

Internship Responsibilities 

Interns shall abide by all policies set forth by AT & T andAT&T Intellectual Propertyand are required to have a background checkand aConfidentiality, Ownership Assignment, and Non-Solicitation Agreement form. The intern shall be responsible for carrying out all responsibilities assigned during the internship and outlined byAT&T Intellectual Property,Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advising, and C2D2 before receiving internshipauditcredit on a transcript. Failure to fulfillall responsibilities can result in the internship transcript designation listed as “unsuccessful audit.”

Application materials

  • a cover letter addressed to Wade Walker at675 W. Peachtree Street, NW

40thFloor, Atlanta, GA 30308

  • a resume
  • an interview (not all applicants will receive an interview)

Potential candidates should expect to be interviewed by multiple members ofthe division.Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Not all applicants will receive an interview.

Send application materials toWade Walker

Questions and Application Assistance

Susan Belmonte, Georgia Tech Pre-Law Advisor, can answer questions about the internship and also provide assistance with cover letters and resumes for applicants.

URL for attachment: