Depth Electives

Depth electives:  Remember that you will need 12 hours of depth elective credits, and 15 hours of breadth elective credits to graduate.  More information is here, including the course descriptions for the BME depth elective course and descriptions of breadth elective categories:  Note that we usually only offer depth elective courses in the fall and spring semesters.

Depth electives in other majors

You can use approved courses from other BME related majors, like CHBE, ME, MSE, or ECE, provided that the course you want to take has been approved for depth elective credit by the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, and that the other department allows you to take the class.  The list of currently approved depth elective courses is at the link above.  Look for “Depth Electives” under the “Curriculum” tab.

Note:  Starting in Spring 2020, BIOL and APPH courses will no longer be accepted as depth courses.  Courses like APPH 4400 and BIOL 4015 will be accepted through the Fall 2019 semester only.

Other high level courses might be able to be used, but they must have some engineering connection to BME.  If you see a course you would like to take that is not on the list, email the Director of Undergraduate Studies,  Dr. Essy Behravesh, with the course number, description, and syllabus for his approval/disapproval.  Copy your advisor on the email.  NOTE:  Once again, just because we have approved the course as an elective, this does not mean that you are sure to be able to take it.  You would have to get a permit by that department, and have the proper prerequisites to take that class.

BMED grad classes

Some BME grad classes may be used as depth elective credit as well.  To take a graduate class, follow the requirements and procedures from the Office of the Registrar’s website:, which means (1) get instructor permission (2) get a permit from your advisor (3) get a level permit from the Office of the Registrar.

Cross listed courses

Note:  Any course that has “7” as the second number, such as BMED 4751, means that the class is cross listed with another major.  We do not control all of these courses, which is why sometimes several of them are at the same time and day.  If a course is closed, and you decide to take the course with the other major, provided they allow you, you can use it for depth elective credit ONLY if the cross listed course is an engineering departmental course.  

Fall 2019 depth elective courses, and a few other courses

One credit courses:

BMED 3801 CDE:  CNC Programming and Machining.  Professor:  Jacobson.  Prerequisites:  BMED 2310.  Counts as one credit of depth elective credit.

Two credit courses:

BMED 3802 A,B:  The Art of Telling Your Story.  Professor:  Le Doux.  Prerequisites:  None.  Counts as two credits of depth elective credit.

Permanent three credit courses (counts as depth):  Find descriptions here under the “Curriculum” tab:

BMED 4740 A:  Bio-Inspired Designed, cross listed with several majors.  Professor:  Yen.  Prerequisites:  BMED 3100 and instructor permission
BMED 4751 A:  Intro to Biomaterials, cross listed with MSE.  Professor:  Milam.  Prerequisites:  MSE 2001
BMED 4757 A:  Bio-Fluid Mechanics, cross listed with AE, CHBE, and ME. Professor:  Dixon. Prerequisites:  BMED 3310
BMED 4781 A:  Biomedical Instrumentation, cross listed with ECE.  Professor:  Inan. Prerequisites:  ECE 3710

Special topics three credit courses that count as depth):  Descriptions attached.  Note, some syllabi and descriptions may have different course numbers, ignore that.

BMED 4803 GLO:  Global Health Engineering.  Professor:  Gleason. Prerequisites:  None
BMED 4803 HOL:  Image-based Tissue Modeling.  Professor:  Hollister. Prerequisites:  BMED 3400.  No description available right now.
BMED 4813 A: Clinical Observational Design Experience (CODE) (the Grady class).  Professor: Ackerman.  Prerequisites:  BMED 2310 and 3100.  This course is for students who have not yet taken Capstone Design, and are not taking it in Fall 2019.  Eventually we will open it up to others if the course does not fill.  Email your advisor for a permit.
BMED 4813 MIS:  Medical Imaging Systems.  Professor:  Emelianov/Lindsay.  Pre-requisites: BMED 3110
BMED 4813 MIT:  Systems Neuropathology & Translational Engineering.  Professor:  Mitchell.  Pre-requisites: BMED 3100 and COE 2001
BMED 4813 OPT:  Optical Microscopy.  Professor:  Robles.  Pre-requisites: PHYS 2212 and MATH 2551,
BMED 4823 A is the TA section for BMED 4813 (CODE)  and is not a depth elective.  Counts only as free elective credit.
BMED 4823 MDD:  Medical Device Development.  Professor:  Stubbs/Jacobson.  Pre-requisites: BMED 2310
BMED 4823 OPT:  Intro to Biomedical Optics.  Professor:  Jia.  Pre-requisites: PHYS 2211
BMED 4843:  Healthreach.  Professor:  Hardy and Lam.  Prerequisites:  None.  You have to apply to get a permit into this class.
**BMED 4833 A,B:  Introduction to Biomechanics.  Professor:  Tsygankov.  Prerequisites:  COE 2001, MATH 2551.  This is not a depth class, this is a PSS section of BMED 3400.  It substitutes for BMED 3400.

Depth elective class attachments