Tutoring Resources

  • Q: Will 1-to-1 Tutoring be available?

    A: Yes. While in-person tutoring is not possible, tutors will conduct video tutoring via BlueJeans. Students can schedule appointments like normal (http://success.gatech.edu) and will be able to enter the online appointment at the scheduled start time. Students are encouraged to download the BlueJeans app on their computer and mobile device before joining a session. More instructions can be found at http://success.gatech.edu/tutoring.

    Q: Will PLUS still happen?

    A: PLUS Leaders will develop and distribute weekly study guides for their course and host weekly two-hour remote sessions via BlueJeans where students can ask questions and work collaboratively on problems. PLUS Leaders will communicate with their class directly, but more information can be found at http://www.success.gatech.edu/plus-sessions.

    Q: What is happening with Drop-In Tutoring?

    A: Drop-In Tutoring Services will be replaced with either increased 1-to-1 tutoring availability, virtual TA office hours, or both.


    COVID-19 Plan

    CS 1371 Help Desk

    Replaced with increased virtual TA Office Hours

    Freshman Chemistry Help Desk

    Replaced with increased virtual TA Office Hours

    Math Lab

    Replaced with increased virtual TA Office Hours

    Organic Chemistry Help Desk

    Replaced with increased virtual TA Office Hours

    Physics Help Desk

    Replaced with increased 1-to-1 Tutoring availability for introductory physics courses

    BME FOCUS Tutoring

    Replaced with increased 1-to-1 Tutoring availability for BMED courses

    Explore Tutoring

    Replaced with increased 1-to-1 Tutoring availability

    Q: Has student hiring stopped for the semester?

    A: No – We will resume reviewing applications and invite applicants for remote interviews as soon as possible. Students can still apply to become a tutor or PLUS leader online at http://success.gatech.edu/employment.

  • FOCUS tutoring this semester is for BMED 2210, 3100, 3310 and 3400.  The tutors are all BME students.  It’s like an open office hour hosted by students, for students. FOCUS leaders can help with homework, test review, or just concept review, depending on the student’s needs Check out the FOCUS flyerhttp://gtbmelc.wixsite.com/bme-learning-commons/academic-support



  • GT 2801, Study Strategies Seminar — This is a one credit, grade bearing course for students on academic probation.  GT 2801 provides a solution-based opportunity to learn skills, strategies and ways of thinking that will assist in restoring your scholastic standing.  Learning specialists from the Center for Academic Success will help student develop practical techniques aimed directly at aiding students reach their academic goals.  We will provide you with tools you can put to use right away.  71% of students who took this class last semester returned to “good standing”.  http://success.gatech.edu/courses/gt2801-study-strategies-seminar


  • PLUS Program – The Peer Lead Undergraduate Study (PLUS) Program provides opportunities for students enrolled in traditionally challenging courses to work together to review course content, develop learning and study strategies, and prepare for exams. These voluntary sessions are offered several times each week and are facilitated by peer leaders (PLUS leaders) who have successfully completed the course in a  previous semester.  See the attached PLUS flyerhttp://success.gatech.edu/plus-sessions


  • Professor/ TA Office Hours – Every TA and professor has office hours, which are usually listed in the course syllabus. Be sure to use professor/TA office hours for questions and extra course support.


  • 1-to-1 Tutoring – 1-on-1 tutoring is a free, appointment-based, CRLA Certified, tutoring program offered to all Georgia Tech undergraduate students by the Center for Academic Success.  It is available for weekly appointments, day and evening hours.This service is free to all GT students through the Center for Academic Success.  http://success.gatech.edu/1-1-tutoring


  • OMED – OMED offers walk-in tutoring services for all students in math, computer science, chemistry, management, biology, and major specific engineering courses. Go to http://omed.gatech.edu/academic-support/tutoring for the schedule and list of supported courses.  Individual and group study sessions available at all times per student request.



  • Learning Assistance Program – The Learning Assistance Program is designed to provide residents with academic support through tutoring in core courses outlined by Georgia Tech core curriculum, Areas A-E. The Learning Assistance Program provides tutoring in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statics , Computer and Electrical Engineering courses and Computer Science.  https://housing.gatech.edu/learning-assistance-program


  • Communications LabThe Communication Center is located in Clough Commons 447 with trained professional and peer tutors to help undergraduate and graduate students with written projects, multimodal projects, graduate school applications, lab reports, senior design papers, individual and group presentations, poster designs, grant proposals, cover letters, resumes and CVs, and much more.  http://www.communicationcenter.gatech.edu/